X055 Domo-kun War!!

We have to be honest that this design for the custom order is not original. Our customer gave us the picture of a pair of Domo shoes with the design and we just painted the design on our shoes for him.

The addition we made was the name on the sides of the shoes.

For those interested, we also have another pair of Domo shoes here. :) The design is simpler and more "classic"


ayUE mat nOR said...

i berminat laah!
how much n size 8 ade??
do inform me k!

ayUE mat nOR said...

suke ni!

Shoericulous said...

Thanks!!! Emailed you :)

angelo said...

how much?

Shoericulous said...

Hi angelo,

It's RM120 including Pos Laju postage.
Keen to order? :)

Anonymous said...

How much is the domo shoe?

Shoericulous said...

It's RM120 including Pos Laju postage to West Malaysia.
Keen to order? :)

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