Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who are Shoericulous?
    We are a team of creative and fun loving designers who just love to put wonderful designs on shoes.

  1. Can I send my own shoes for Shoericulous to work on?
    No. But you can suggest to us the specific brand of canvas shoes you would like us to draw on, we will let you know the price and proceed accordingly.

  2. Can I use my own design and let Shoericulous do the work?
    Yes you can. This is called Custom designing. Please refer terms and condition below.

    Extra RM25 will be charged for custom designing. Please fill up our order form and email the design to

    Full payment (shoe + RM25) must be made before we proceed with designing work. If customer is not satisfied with the sample design we sent, we will refund the payment minus the RM25 for the sample design. Customer may alter the 1st initial design for a total of three times.

  3. Can I edit the standard design from Shoericulous?
    Yes you can. You may request to change our standard design, such as changing colors, putting your name on the shoes or adding accessories such as button. RM10 will be charged for this option.

  4. Do you design for baby shoes?
    Yes we do and we have special discount for children from 1.5year old - 5 years old at only RM35

  1. Can I wash the shoes?
    Yes - gentle handwash with soap and water. Do not soak in the water, do not wash with washing machine, bleach or scrub the design.
    可以 - 我们建议轻柔手洗。买家可以用湿布,少许肥皂和水清洗脏的地方。千万不要将鞋子浸泡在水中,也不要用洗衣机漂白剂刷拭哦。

  2. What are the materials used to design the shoes?
    We use non-toxic acrylic and fabric dyes for the designs. All finished products are sprayed with a layer of fixative to protect the designs so that they will be longer lasting.

  3. Will the actual design and/or colour of the shoes I received is slightly different from the webpage?
    Minor colour and design variations are normal as the shoes are hand painted and NOT machine printed. Also the colour differences may be due to different monitor/LCD calibrations.

  1. How do I order?
    First, browse through the available shoe models we have here. Take note of the model type and number of the design you desire. Then you may proceed to the order form and fill in your particulars. Upon receipt of the order form we will contact you with the bank and account number details. Bank in the total amount to the designated account within 3 days and we will proceed with your order. Please make sure you read & understand the Terms and Conditions.

  2. What about custom / own designs?
    The procedure is the same as above.
    A. Fill up the Order Form in our website
    B. Email the desired design to
    C. Bank in full payment: Maybank2U / Public Bank
    D. We will email / mms a draft design to you before we proceed. Once the design is confirmed via email / mms, NO other changes to the design can be made.
    A 填写定购单
    B 将选定的设计电邮至
    C 付款: Maybank2U
    D 在正式绘画前,我们将电邮或MMS初稿给买家。一旦买家确定了设计,我们将动工绘画也不再接受其他的更改。

  3. How should I measure my shoe size?
    Measure from the longest toe to the back of the heel in a straight line. All measurement must be submitted in Centimetres (CM). Please read the sidebar for more details.

  4. If the size of the shoes doesn't suit me, can I change the shoes?
  5. We are sorry, but the shoes are not exchangeable, returnable or refundable. Since the size has been measured in Centimetres(CM), it should be accurate and there should be no problem.

  6. Can I buy the shoes in bulk order?
    Yes you can. Please email with the design code you desired, shoe sizes and quantity required. Payment terms remain the same.
    可以的。将你喜欢的设计,鞋号和数量电邮到 付款方式和上面解释的一样。

  7. How much is the courier/delivery charges?
    West Malaysia - RM10 (Poslaju)
    East Malaysia - RM15 (Poslaju)
    Singapore - RM55 (CityLink / GDex)
    International (except Singapore) - USD25
    西马 - RM10
    东马 - RM15
    新加坡 - RM55
    国际运输 - USD25

  8. Can I self-collect the shoes? 我可否面交取鞋省下邮费呢?
    Yes. The areas are as follows: 可以的。

    Johor 柔佛新山
    Kulai/Senai/Saleng: Date and time can be arranged with the respective buyer
    Jusco Taman Universiti: Monday to Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. 11am - 7pm
    Jusco 大学城: 星期一到四,星期六和星期日,十一点到七点
    Johor Bahru town area (Plaza Pelangi & Taman Sentosa only) can be arranged with RM5 petrol top up ;) It's still cheaper than courier charge.

    Kuala Lumpur 吉隆坡
    Jusco Taman Maluri: One day during end of the month. Exact date will be informed to you if you have placed your order with us. Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm
    Jusco Taman Maluri: 每个月底的其中一天。准确的日期将通知有兴趣面交的买家。晚上七点半到九点半之间

    Singapore 新加坡
    Somerset MRT Station. Date and time to be advised upon confirmation of purchase.
    Somerset MRT Station 时间地点都可和买家另行安排

  1. How do I pay for my purchases?
    Currently we only accept cash deposits and bank transfers to our designated MayBank or Public Bank account.

  2. Can I pay COD?
    No. This is because the effort that we need to put in for every pair of shoes. We cannot afford back out buyers as different people have different likes/dislikes for the design as well as shoe size.

  3. Will there be other payment options in the future?
    Definitely yes! We are currently looking into payments via PayPal and as we grow, we will be looking into Credit Card payments as well. However we cannot commit to a specific date. :)

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