X051 Super Junior - EunHyuk (Custom High Cut Sneakers)

We featured a Super Junior DongHae shoe a couple of days ago and this is a "sister" pair of it. Other than having a black background instead of white, it also features EunHyuk of Super Junior.


And as with all Super Junior shoes, the tag at the heels will also read "Super Junior".

So which one would you prefer? The white or black? :)


AreumDBSK said...

hey,i'm interested in buying it..so i wanna ask..how much the price is..and..what size it is..^^

Shoericulous said...

Emailed ya!

Fazey Haruma said...

hi! I would like to buy this! But can i change the design to ryeowook instead of eunhyuk? if possible. and i would like to know the price too.. ^^

Shoericulous said...

Hi Fazey,

Can find your email ;) Can I have it so that I can contact you via email?


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