X004 YoyoCici (Customized)

The latest customized shoes to leave our hands.另一双新鲜出炉的鞋子,也是我们超满意的其中一双代表作~

This is a mid cut shoe, with special request for a 3 color tone background. 我们再次挑战高难度把中帮帆布鞋彩绘上三种渐变颜色,从黑到紫到粉红色,超耀眼的。

The inner side consists of 2 simple Sakuras while the outer sides are made up of the cartoon characters Yoyo & Cici and 学记13179. 鞋子的内侧我们画上了樱花的图案 - 因为这是帮一位有日本血统的顾客画的,樱花对她来说有超凡的意思。外侧则分别画上了悠嘻猴和顾客的学记编号。

If you guys noticed the inner part of the shoe is also painted pink so that the owner could wear the shoes with the top part folded down. Our bad to have forgotten to take a pic of the shoe while folded.
最最特别的是我们也把鞋子高领口的地方彩绘上粉红色,顾客可以把鞋子翻下来做两色搭配哦~ 特别吧~!!

Last but not least the shoes had different colored shoe laces, purple and black. With this, you could wear the shoes with different styles and colors depending on your mood!
这鞋子超美的。还可以配上不同颜色的鞋带。果然黑色和紫色鞋带风味各不同吧~!紫色甜美黑色有型有款~~ 顾客也可以要求我们帮忙做鞋带颜色上的配搭哦 :D

Also, if Stacy is reading this, don't worry your order will be next one to be completed!! :) Thanks for your patience!!


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