A008 I Love U

Price : RM70 / SGD 35
Code: A008

This is a very sweet pair of shoes. The background is pink and graduals to white and there are hearts all over the shoes.

Apart from the sweet colors we have also incorporated laces around the shoes as well as a pink polka dot ribbon bow on the front of the shoe. Actually the ribbon can be placed at the center (pictured) or at the sides depending on you!!

Custom messages would also be a wonderful idea, don't you think? Maybe addition of a name or even a entirely different message on the shoe? Its all up to you!!
自己订制的鞋子真的超酷的~ 可以放上自己特别的小名或是其他讯息或特别纪念日?随你而定哦~还有什么比这更酷的呢?:)


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