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Welcome to Shoericulous and be different! This page is still under heavy maintenance so please bear with us. :)


You may add us on MSN for instant answer to your question! MSN: shoericulous@live.com.

There are currently 5 types of shoes available. Type A - Mary Janes, Type B - Slip Ons, Type C - Normal Shoelaced, Type D - Low Cut Shoelaced (currently out of stock) and Type E - Mid Cut Shoelaced. The price generally varies from RM60 to RM100 with the shoe type except for special designs or promotions.

我们总共有五种鞋款供你选择。A型:娃娃鞋B型:懒人鞋C型:简约鞋带布鞋,D型:低帮帆布鞋 (暂时缺货),E型:高帮帆布鞋。鞋子的价格介于马币60到马币100之间。E型鞋款现在有二十巴仙折扣哦。

Before you proceed with ordering, kindly measure your shoe size (Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions) and read through the terms and conditions.


For any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at shoericulous@gmail.com or sms to 017 6604779.

若有任何疑问,随时可以电邮shoericulous@gmail.com或传简讯到016 7073435。

We are also adding new designs as quickly as we can. Currently we are working on some custom designed shoes for our latest supporters. Why not subscribe to our latest news via email or RSS so that you can be informed as soon as new designs are up? You can do so at the gadgets on the right column of this page.


Happy Shopping! ;)

Crazy Fun Loving Team
~ A team of creative and fun loving designers who just love to put wonderful designs on shoes~

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